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包装机械行业在市场压力下谋求转变 2015-05-11Packaging machinery industry seeks change under market pressure

Now that science and technology are constantly developing, the production philosophy and product structure of all walks of life are constantly changing. Among them, the packaging machine industry, which has always been based on innovation, is also constantly undergoing new technology reforms, constantly speaking about new science and technology being integrated into the design and production of equipment, making the equipment constantly Development and progress towards the direction of intelligence, China's packaging machinery industry has gradually progressed, and has begun to develop to a new height, but there is still a great pressure in China, but the packaging machinery produced is difficult to meet the market Demand is not due to the lack of packaging machines, but to the lack of advanced technology. Domestic packaging machines are still far behind foreign machinery.
According to reports, the China Machinery Industry Federation said that at present, the contradiction between the urgent needs of production enterprises for automated packaging machines and the relatively backward development of the domestic packaging machinery industry is increasingly prominent. Foreign packaging machine equipment suppliers have entered China's various production industries, and It is still expanding, which has caused tremendous pressure on the development of China's packaging machinery industry.
In order to improve the development level of China's packaging machinery industry, we should focus on two aspects: First, we must increase investment in advanced technology research and development and improve our ability to innovate independently. Compared with foreign equipment, domestic packaging machines are far behind the foreign countries in terms of technology. The second is to improve manufacturing and improve the level of design. Taking advantage of the flexible design ideas of the Chinese packaging machinery industry and the close distance to domestic customers, we can obtain the advantages of more customer demand information, and develop and design products that meet the needs of domestic and international customers.
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