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包装机进入国外市场需要做好哪些工作 2015-05-11What kind of work do packaging machines need to do in foreign markets

Today, we see that many packaging machinery and equipment companies are talking about targeting in foreign markets. The main customer sources are concentrated in underdeveloped countries such as the Middle East, South Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. In the next few years, we can see that many companies have begun to Aspects of transformation, so to enter the foreign market, what preparations should we do first?
In today's economic globalization, market competition is no longer confined to competition among domestic companies, and companies from abroad have also joined in. This has undoubtedly increased the pressure on domestic companies. The presence of foreign companies wants to pass Mergers, acquisitions and other ways of dominating the Chinese market. The domestic food packaging machine industry has not been able to compete with it. There are still many deficiencies in technology and other aspects. It has not yet competed with one of them. In the face of a hot market, all we have to do is find out the domestic and international equipment. The gap between them, and then make up for its shortcomings, so that it can be greatly improved and improved in a short period of time.
In the face of unfavorable market competition, all we have to do is to actively expand market share, strengthen our own strength, and enter the international market. Need to improve the technical level and R & D capabilities of food packaging machines. Only advanced and mature technologies can develop high-quality products, can they gain advantages in quality, and produce equipment with low energy consumption, high production and sales, and good stability. Finally, the quality of equipment service is also very important. In the fierce market competition, many manufacturers will ignore this. As a result, when a user equipment fails, it is difficult to solve it in a timely manner, resulting in psychological distrust of the user. Cooperation in the future is not good.
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