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未来将实现高度现代化的包装行业 2015-05-11The packaging industry will be highly modernized in the future

China's packaging machinery has been conscious in this regard, and has also accelerated the pace of closer to the technological advantages of digitalization, automation, and packaging machinery mechatronics. However, to achieve the high modernization of packaging machinery and the strategy of going global, it is still necessary to accelerate growth Focus on this short board, and strive to catch up with the international trend.
Then, the packaging machinery industry not only forms a relatively complete product system in terms of common technologies and conventional equipment, but also meets market needs in key equipment and key technologies, and embarks on a highly sophisticated road. At the same time, packaging machinery companies must continue to innovate, change backward business ideas and development thinking, improve the production efficiency and product diversification of packaging machinery, and thereby achieve a healthy and orderly development of the packaging machinery industry.
China's packaging machinery industry has a vast learning space. At the moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading, and product replacement, domestic enterprises need to develop their businesses and enhance their competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude through independent innovation and deep digestion. Improve the industry structure, optimize the market competition environment, and achieve differentiated development.
Relevant experts believe that the differentiated market competition mechanism is proposed in response to the current development status of China's packaging machinery industry, which can help China's packaging machinery enterprises to speed up the pace of independent research and development, find breakthrough points suitable for their own development, and gradually implement big and small specialist ; Production and operation mode, so that enterprises at all levels can be fully developed, and ultimately change the situation of China's packaging machinery industry over-reliance on foreign equipment.
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