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KH-360B three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine


Model introduction

KH-360B machine is a fully automatic three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, commonly known as cigarette charter. A single-pack device using BOPP film or PVC as the packaging material to form a three-dimensional hexahedron folded package. It is widely used in transparent film three-dimensional skin-packaging (pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, daily necessities, agricultural and sideline products, health care products, toys, cultural and educational supplies, high-end gift box products, etc.) (the packaging effect is the same as that of cigarettes). Is an ideal box-type three-dimensional packaging equipment. It has the functions of automatic feeding, wrapping, folding, side sealing, end sealing, upper and lower shaping, counting, and automatic pasting of anti-counterfeiting easy-to-cable cords. The easy-to-cable cords can be printed with corporate logos or names of various colors, and can be equipped with anti-counterfeiting lasers, phosphorescence , Is one of the good anti-counterfeiting methods, very suitable for the packaging of high-end brand-name products. This machine is equipped with a U-shaped cutter, and the packaged items have easy openings, which makes it easy to unpack. Environmental protection and energy saving, low packaging materials, flat and beautiful packaging effect, fully sealed packaging is dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-pollution. It is a device that replaces traditional heat shrinking machines. This equipment can be used independently as a stand-alone machine, or it can be connected to a cartoning machine before, and a box packaging machine, coding and other related online equipment. This machine can support single box packaging, as well as assembly box packaging. It can pack almost all types of single outer boxes and assembling boxes. T-360B adopts button control, which is better than 360A! 4V mechanical transmission is cheap, you can rest assured that the whole machine works accurately!

Technical characteristics

This machine adopts servo motor under film system, PLC automatic control, intelligent human-machine interface operation , multiple groups of product formulas can be set in the program, and data groups can be reserved according to customer specific requirements. It has the ability to record and display shift output, cumulative output, and can continuously record the running time.

■ The equipment can be equipped with a flip structure device or a stacking structure device to complete parallel collection boxes and two or five flat bags of multiple medicine boxes. The on-line bag turning device, palletizing device and guide-type vertical box device adopt high-tech photoelectric induction conveying, the PLC controls the whole bag turning, and is equipped with a robotic hand pushing and conveying. This design is a domestic leading technology. It completely eliminates the card bag, sticky bag, squeeze bag and other failures that often occur during the traditional online flipping process, and can also reduce the pressure during mechanical operation and the friction and extrusion of the product during operation, effectively preventing the product from deforming. . Really achieve smooth conveyance and smooth turning. Is the only domestic company that develops and uses this technology.

This machine adopts the design concept of mechanical transmission as the main and pneumatic as the auxiliary , which mainly reflects the stable operation in normal work. The failure rate is extremely low, at the same time, the operation is simple, the variety is changed quickly, and the maintenance is convenient. When a failure occurs, normal production can be resumed in a short time. The pushing part is driven by sprocket and chain.

Application / Application Scope

This machine is widely used in single-piece transparent film three-dimensional wrapping of various sizes of box-type articles in the industries of medicine, cultural supplies, food, health supplies, daily chemicals, cosmetics, and non-staple food. Such as: various medicines, cigarettes, tea, perfumes, playing cards, condoms, erasers, boxed pencils, boxed blades, wind oil essence, boxed chocolates, boxed gums, etc. Only perfect packaging design can win consumers The favor of the company is even more a trend facing corporate competition. Adding 1 extra packaging fee on a good product can increase sales by 5 to 10 percent. It also improves your packaging quality, improves packaging efficiency, reduces packaging costs, improves packaging grade, and replaces medium boxes and traditional heat. The first choice of shrink packaging machine is the choice of modern packaging.

Main technical parameters

KH-T360B fully automatic

Packing speed

30-45 packs / minute (single box package) 15-30 packs / minute (collection package)

Package dimensions

50-300mm long 40-220mm high 10-90mm

Power consumption


Operating Voltage

220v 50Hz

working pressure


Mechanical weight

About 700kg

Host size


Conveying size


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